Terms & Conditions 

Pure Publishing Terms & Conditions


Version 1.1 – 05/03/22


By using this website you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions herby stated below.


UK copyright laws cover the 'Pure Publishing' brand, created in December 2021 and all associated logos and designs. Pure Publishing is a service owned and developed by Jonathan Relf. Any reference in the following statements to 'Pure Publishing' also refers to the owner, Jonathan Relf.

These terms adherer to the following services:

Website Design, Digital Marketing, Business Branding, Copywriting & and any Content Creation.

1.1 All quotations are tailored to the individual or business's requirements, which will vary according to their/your needs; therefore, Pure Publishing will produce different quotes. All quotations given out are valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated.


1.2 When a draft or sample work has been sent to you (the customer) for consideration, you may not do the following. Change, edit, distribute, or sell any part of the work in question until completed, delivered, and Pure Publishing receives payment. 


1.3 Once an agreement is confirmed and verified via email by you (the customer), the contract between you (the customer) and Pure Publishing are binding, and your work will begin unless otherwise agreed. Any changes or alterations after the initial work has already started may result in additional charges. 


1.4 The withdrawal of work by you (the customer) before its completion will result in a payable percentage of the initially agreed fee to Pure Publishing. 


1.5 All information, contents and images supplied by you (the customer) must be material you own or have been approved for your commercial use, as Pure Publishing will not be held responsible or accountable for any copyright infringement or plagiarism of the laws that have been broken. 


1.6 All changes and edits to your website or mobile app must be put into writing and sent with any image or content to Pure Publishing via email. 


1.7 A charge may be applied for any changes to your website or mobile app that you (the customer) have requested unless previously agreed before the original terms of the contract. 


1.8 If you require a holding page to be published prior to your website being built by Pure Publishing, this will mean that your 1st year of hosting has begun once the holding page has been published. 


1.9 Any websites that have a holding page published by Pure Publishing before completing your website and you (the customer) decide to terminate the contract for the remainder of your website build; this will incur a charge for the hosting of your holding page. 


1.10 Any domain names included with a website build or requested to be purchased by you (the customer) will be owned by Pure Publishing until a transfer is requested. The transfer of your domain to another account may incur a transfer charge. 


1.11 All websites built by Pure Publishing will have annual maintenance and hosting fee. An invoice for the annual fee will be sent via email 4/6 weeks prior to renewal. Payments for this must be made within 14 days of receiving the email notification to ensure your website is not subject to loss of service or deactivation. (the cost for this will be in writing before the build of the website or app has begun)


1.12 Once an invoice has been sent via email or post, payment is required within 14 days of the invoice date unless different payment terms have been agreed. Late payment of either completed websites, the annual hosting fee, or any other media services that Pure Publishing has completed may result in your website deactivation or copyright laws being enforced until payment has been received. 


1.13 Any content written by Pure Publishing will be sent to you (the customer) via email for proofreading before being applied to your website, and any changes can be made at this time by you (the customer). After your website has been published, changes to your content may result in additional charges applied unless otherwise agreed. 


1.14 All website projects undertaken by Pure Publishing are subject to a minimum three-year term unless another agreement is in place.


1.15 A 30-day notice is required for any websites that are no longer needed to be active or hosted by Pure Publishing. 

If Pure Publishing is no longer required to manage, host, and maintain your website and you (the customer) would like it transferred to another party, this may result in a cancellation fee unless Pure Publishing has not abided by their contract terms.


1.16 A selection of images used on this site is from 'free to use commercially' imaging stock websites. 


1.17 Unless specified differently by you (the customer), some of our website design projects undertaken by Pure Publishing will be completed using Wix online web designers Studio. 


1.18 Pure Publishing may, in some cases, act as an agent who may distribute work to other freelancers or businesses to ensure delivery times and quality are achieved. 


1.19 Although Pure Publishing has taken steps to ensure that any e-mails and attachments sent are virus-free, no responsibility can be taken by Pure Publishing if a virus is present. You are advised to confirm that the appropriate checks are made before opening any e-mails, whether from Pure Publishing or any other party.


1.20 Pure Publishing may revise and change these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

By using this website and hiring Pure Publishing, you agree to be bound by the current version of these Terms and Conditions of Use.